Keep Up To Date With Kaye

Hi everyone,

Kelly here, Kaye’s daughter. I am the one uploading the blogs, Kaye emails me the updates then I deal with the formatting etc on WordPress. I hope you are enjoying the blog so far?

Just a few things I thought I’d tell you about:

  • If you would like to follow this blog (instead of having to come back and check it on a regular basis) then click here, and follow the instructions.
  • I have created a Facebook page for Kaye, so that when she doesn’t have access to a computer she can send me text updates and I’ll upload them for everyone to see – it’s just another way to keep everyone up to date with what she’s doing.  If you look on the side bar to the right of this page, down the bottom is a link to her Facebook page – and her latest updates will also show up here. You can also find her Facebook page here I’ll probably still upload some of her more important updates to the blog for those of you that don’t have Facebook.
  • I am sending through your comments at the end of each day, so keep them coming, she is loving the support and encouragement from you all – and I’m sure she’ll need it in the coming months!
  • Kaye isn’t able to upload photos in Russia (apparently it’s the old technology there, nothing to do with the user I’m sure) so the photos that you’ve seen so far are just photos I’ve got off the internet, to give you an idea of the places and sights that she is seeing.
If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll try to help.


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9 thoughts on “Keep Up To Date With Kaye

  1. Clare

    Kelly you are such an awesome daughter, I am LOVING the blog. Simon and I have had heaps of chuckles and am loving hearing about her adventure so far.

  2. Karen

    Hey Kelly I think u shuld change yr job 2 PA…….no not really ‘cos yr other job is so pretty!!! Awesome job u r doing, I was pretty impressed with Kaye managing the blog now I know it was u…………..hahaha. I’ll aslo try and track her on facebook, keep up the good work!!!

  3. Bizzy

    I was thinking that your mum was an awesome photographer!

    I’m loving the blog too. It’s reminding me of what it was like to be a first time traveller eg: when you discover that you have to stand on the right side of the escalator to the metro. Also got me remembering my time in St Petersburg. Russia is such a fascinating place. When I was then (2001) the Russians were obsessed with ice cream and also lots of them would walk around the streets with those beer bottles that come in crates – a bit of a reputation for having a fair few alcoholics! Oh and sour cream on everything.

  4. lizzy

    Your awesome Kelly! 😀

  5. David

    Kelly I am with Lizzy here – you hae done anamazing job so far. I was thinking that the content of the blog was way more sophisiticated than the usual communications from Travelling Kaye!Having said that Kaye is clearly haing amagic time and sending through very thorough information.

  6. margaret

    The blog is so cool. Your mum and you make a great combination. Your mum sounds like she is having a trip of a life time. Can’t wait to read about the rest of it.

  7. Thanks everyone, glad you are enjoying the blog! 🙂 Hopefully the updates will continue as Mum rides West – though maybe not as frequently as she has been in Russia – it’s almost a full time job keeping up with her massive missives!

  8. pam

    Hi Kelly & Kaye,
    What a great trip Kaye is having, and Kelly you are doing a great job of helping out with the communications, it is amazing when we are at the other side of the world, reading about her adventures and to be part of it.
    Take care and safe biking, look forward to keeping up with the news.

  9. Julie Millar

    Hi Kaye
    Loving hearing about your adventures and am thrilled you are having such an amazing time. Keep experiencing everything – enjoy! Keep safe
    Best wishes
    Julie (Surgical RMO Co-ordinator, CCDHB)

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