The ride begins: day one

45km down: 6,180km to go.

Day eight of my trip, and day one of the cycle journey – off we go!

We were meant to set off at 7am today (Sunday) and the kitchen was going to open for breakfast at 6:30 for us. However it opened at the usual time of 7am, so we  didn’t set off until 8am.

We had a guide to take us out of the city to Peterhoff and he showed us some of the important sites on the way, including the square where the Russian revolution started. It was only small ride today so we were at the hotel by lunch time. It was very strange riding on the other side of the road.  I was interested to note that I put the opposite foot down when stopping compared to most of the other riders, which of course makes sense as you get used putting down the foot closest to the kerb.

It was my first experience of riding in 30-plus degrees, it will take a bit of getting used to. 115kms tomorrow in this heat will be an expeiernce but no doubt will get quickly acclimatised to it, plus it is flat for the first week.

Interesting points for today

  • There are over five million people in St Petersburg alone.
  • As there are only about 30 summer days that there is no rain, and it is 30ish degrees, the Russians make the most of every park – there numerous people sunbathing on the benches by the canals.
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4 thoughts on “The ride begins: day one

  1. Sally

    remember what you felt like after Taupo when it was hot! make sure you drink enough:)

  2. David

    So I hope you are being nice to Travelling Bike TK – you didnt comment on the pace but I imagine you will be having to slow yourself down! It sounds like you have got off to a fantastic start to the trip – this is an omen of more great times to come.

  3. Karen

    And……………we’re off!!!! I feel like we r all on the trip with u in a vicarious sort of way! I’m luving the heat, don’t know bout the cycling even if it was only 45kms.

  4. Dianne and Dave

    We have been following your ‘blogs’. Mind blowing. Pleased to hear that the bike ride adventure has begun. Will replace Russian flag with Estonian today. All the best

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