Day Three: Kingisepp to Saka

258km down: 5,967km to go.

Today we left Russia for Estonia, heading to Saka. We cycled 95km. There was a different atmosphere as soon as we crossed the border out of Russia into Estonia. The road went through fields of wheat and canola, kilometre after kilometre of it.

The first half of the ride was highway, then country road – no more trucks, yay. I managed to put up my tent successfully.

I have plenty of stories for the blog, but unfortunately our accommodation only had Wifi, which is only good if you have a laptop or iPad.

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This blog is now up to date with the latest text from Kaye received at 1:30 this morning (NZ time).

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4 thoughts on “Day Three: Kingisepp to Saka

  1. suzanne

    amazing sis! i look forward to reading about yr adventures each day! “its not the getting there that matters. but the journey itself” TS Elliot

  2. David

    Hi TK100 – trust you are collecting teaspoons from each place? – or at least those little bracelet trinkets you hang on a charm bracelet! And where are the post cards – anyone would think you were exercising all day. Go for it girl.

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  4. Pingback: First iPad update – Days 1 and 2 | Kaye's Awesome Adventure

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