Day Four: Saka to Kasmu

366km down: 5,859km to go.

108km ride today from Saka to Kasmu. The first 52km were dirt roads then highway, luckily after lunch the last 56km were through forest – mostly downhill. Tonight we are staying at Lainela Camp. Last night was my first night camping – it was also the first night of rain, but I managed to stay dry.

Tomorrow is 85km to Tallinn, then a rest day. The riding is going ok, looking forward to a rest day though.

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4 thoughts on “Day Four: Saka to Kasmu

  1. Wendy

    Tallinn is a cool city! have a medieval feast!

  2. suzanne

    was it ancient forest like in storybooks?

  3. David

    TK100 – your commentary semsto getting shorter – you wouldnt be running out of puff so soon surely! All those trips up the Makara Hill. Looking forward to the pictures – and the documentary.

  4. Theresa

    GO KIWI KAYE!!!!!
    When you return, you’ll have to catch up with Yuri & Gerard…to relive that Ruski moment…Loving your stories; keep those pedals turning… 😉
    KELLY…you are a wonderful PA, great job…HI5 to you my friend!!!

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