Day Seven: Tallinn to Luhtre Talu – 95km

556km down: 5,669km to go.

Set off with renewed energy following the rest day. The first 11k was in a convoy until we got out of town, after that we rode in a bunch until lunch and then spread out. The riding was pretty flat, with the usual forests and churches and small villages. We stopped at one amazing church which had been built on the site of another one that was built in 1300. The church was in Hagudi with a population of about 5,000 – the congregation was 3,000 to 3,500.

We arrived at the camp site at around 2:30pm and set up the tent, had a cold beer and sorted gear out. There is a riders meeting every day at 6 pm – apart from rest days – where we go over the next day’s ride then dinner.

After dinner I found the rider with the laptop and the computer savvy guy to get my iPad working – what a mission! Almost had success but then needed my credit card to complete the signing in to iTunes, without which the whole iPad will not work. I could not find my credit cards so I tossed my entire tent (found the umbrella I thought I had lost ) – just when I was convinced they had been lost or stolen I remembered I had put them in the small carry around bag I had bought in Tallinn. Then just had to convince the iTunes that although I had bought the iPad in Estonia I really could use a New Zealand credit card – finally was successful and I am up and running!

I couldn’t do much of an update the first night as it started to rain heavily and the Wifi coverage wasn’t working so well – I didn’t fancy getting out into the rain!

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3 thoughts on “Day Seven: Tallinn to Luhtre Talu – 95km

  1. David

    TK – you are definitely showing true resilience – triumphing over all adversity – this is a gold medal achievement – so have a beer on it (and you had better shout the computer savvy guys while you are at it!)

  2. Holly Busby

    Hi Kaye
    If it helps you on your snap lock search, try Ikea. They do amazing ones. You’ll find them in the kitchen section. Just thinking you should be cycling past some soon given where you are. Look out for the huge blue and yellow buildings!

  3. suzanne

    one of the truly remarkable things about you sis is the enormous well of perseverance you possess and have always used to reach your goals… by the time you reach portugal i bet you’ll be such an ipad whizz that apple will want you to run their company!! xxx

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