Day 11: Rest day in Riga

It was nice to get up and take time having breakfast then plan activities for the day. Walli and I went off to find the sightseeing bus, it was a bit of a mission as the stops did not say sightseeing bus stops here. We asked questions and got sent from one side of Freedom Square to the other three or four times. We finally saw it coming past and just flagged it down.

We also went to the open markets – they were totally huge. Although they say open there are three  buildings the size of a Bunnings or Warehouse, filled with meat vegetables and groceries. The outside had fruit and vegetables and usual stall stuff.

Riga Central Market from Wikipedia

We wanted to go to Blackheads House but it was closed for renovation sadly, so I took some photos of the outside  which is very spectacular. We stopped to listen to a  man playing the saxophone and ended up buying his DVD.

Blackheads House from Wikipedia

We had pizza for lunch and beef salad for tea. I managed to find antihistamine pills and cream thankfully as my foot is red, hot and itchy where the wasp bit me. I am keeping a close eye on it. I have taken anti inflammatory pills for my shoulder today as it was starting to stiffen up and hurt more as the day went on. Hopefully it will be ok for riding tomorrow.

Now I have to  pack and get ready for the next three days riding and three nights in a tent. The plan for tomorrow is:
6:30am: Bags out front
7:00am: Breakfast

7:30am: Leave here in convoy until out of the city

Tomorrow we are riding to Birzai which is in Lithuania – 105k, and no dirt roads!
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One thought on “Day 11: Rest day in Riga

  1. David Bratt

    Hey TK you need to look after yourself. None of this charging about like a bull in a china shop. Conserve resources. All sounds magic and definitely not mainstream.

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