Quick updates

Day 18: Augustów to Nowogrod 

Safely at camp, we are staying at a college, they rent out the rooms in the summer break. All the women are in one room and the men are in another. We are in a Geography classroom.

Long day today, 135k at 35 degrees. All good, feeling ok.

Day 19: Nowogrod to Pułtusk 

Another long day – 125k. Got here safely but no update today as my iPad is not working. Mr PC guy can’t fix it so I will have to take it to the iPad store in Warsaw tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Quick updates

  1. suzanne

    potholes, dirt roads, torrential rain, snakes, mad dogs, wet socks, toilet queues, gettin lost in forests…. and even the brand new ipad wont work! But you’re on holiday!! so you can laugh in the face of these matters cos they cant stop you no no no, you’re on holiday!! xxx

  2. No blogs is like a morning with no coffee

    No blog! This is like a day with no sun, or a morning with no coffee. Kaye, we need normal transmission to resume ASAP. Please pay the I-pad man whatever he wants. Good luck.

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