Photo update

Hospi on the Trans-Europa tour

Flooding from the rain

Sheltering from the rain, left to right: Walli, Daphne, Gen, Shirley, Rob.

Stork babies

Boats in the lock just before Augustów

The hospital at Kingisepp if anyone is looking for a new job

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5 thoughts on “Photo update

  1. David

    TK – I assume from your excellent photos that nobody either gets sick nor stays in the town? And by the way what is the purplish funnel shape next to Hospie? Looks like a cocktail glass.

  2. Shellbe

    Hey Mum, you should put a photo of you on the bike up wearing your flash top from Chris and Dave! thanks for the panda card- arrived the other day. xx

  3. Karen

    I c u hv taken the luxury accommodation option – mmmmm palatial!!!!!

  4. Miranda

    Its hard to tell the difference between the hotel and the hospital – no, wait – the hospital looks a little more luxurious! A bit like home (NOT)

  5. Cathy

    I think the hotel is obviously the sister to our own beloved Riddiford Buidling.

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