Day 21: Rest day in Warsaw continued

The tour was good but really, really hot – 34 degrees, I felt like I was going to melt. I had to keep pushing the thought out of my mind that tomorrow we will be biking 140k in the heat.

Dan, Shirley, Daphne, Brian, John and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant in the old town. I had Pasta with chillies and olive oil and salad. We had ordered what we thought was a platter of antipasto (Daphne is married to an Italian and she ordered it) until two pizzas came out, luckily the mains were all correct . We all headed home for an early night as we leave at 6:30 am tomorrow to get out of city early and we have 140k to do. However it is a short riding week – 3 riding days and then two rest days in a row. I am really looking forward to that.

The clack clack sign on my bike turned out to be a problem with my bottom bracket being filled of sand/ gravel etc and will keep making a noise until it is fixed. We have not had bike shop for past 2 stops (which is wear the tour guys help us with our bikes) but have been assured it just sounds bad but will keep going, so guess this will be tomorrow night’s job.

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2 thoughts on “Day 21: Rest day in Warsaw continued

  1. David Bratt

    Hi TK. Given we are shivering in a wet cold southerly with a high of around 10 or 11 you may find a shortage of sympathy for your 35. Enjoy. By the way you may have heard Carey Virtue is going back to C&C DHB. John Peters has resigned in Nelson. How is the I-pad behaving now? Have you got addicted to Angry Birds yet? It wont take long if you down load it!! Do you get any TV you can understand? I know you will want the sports results! well maybe at last the Olympics news. Take care – and keep up the news broadcasts.

  2. Karen

    35 degrees – yea boy! We wish – I hate winter!! Sooooo a clacky bottom u hv, is that a bit like sand in yr togs??????? Hahaha

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