Day 42: San Stino to Venice!!!! – 58k

3,392km down: 2,833km to go

Sadly the talent show did not get up and running as after dinner we walked down the road for ice-cream and then sat around talking.

So this morning we had a 58k bike ride before we met in Punta Sabbioni at 12pm at the dock to take a boat into Venice. I set off about 7:20am as I wanted to get to Punta Sabbioni and hopefully Skype my children. There was quite a lot of traffic and lots of turns, I was worried at one point I had made a wrong turn but thankfully I had not. Jan and Dayna had their first turn at getting lost, but still turned up in plenty of time.

Unfortunately there was no Wifi connection at the dock, so it had to be a phone call instead. I shopped at a cafe where the owner was quite interested in the bike ride (but he did not speak a lot of English so it was not a long conversation). I was the first there and then in twos and threes the other riders arrived and joined me. The owner got more and more enthusiastic as we ordered food and drink, and started bringing out food for us to try. He then started bringing out sparkling wine – at 11am – and was very insistent that we should try it. We ended up being there a couple of hours waiting for our boats to Venice.

Waiting for the boat at Punta Sabbioni

The tour guys had organized for us to do an hour water tour on the way to our hotel. We set off in two boats, and our bikes in another. What an amazing and beautiful city, it is everything I have imagined and more. So many intricately decorated and detailed buildings, the water is only about half a metre from the front doors. The buildings open out into the canal and there are boats and people everywhere. And it is really, really hot – not sure if you have heard that Italy is having a heat wave.

Approaching Venice by water

Sadly about 15 minutes before the end of the trip I decided to look in my bag to get my iPad out to take a photo, and just that one act of looking down was enough to set off my sea sickness. By the time we got to land I felt dreadful. I got to the hotel and slept for a couple of hours, and luckily woke up feeling better.

We are staying at Hotel Atlanta Augustus. Amazing – in my room I have a four poster bed, complete with tapestries.

We had the farewell dinner at a restaurant just down the street. Or I should say the farewell feast. We had Prosecco Frizzante (a white sparkling wine) provided by Tour De Afrique, and Daphne and Shirley. We had numerous courses – sea food pasta and risotto, salad, baked fish and squid rings and shrimps. Then we had limoncello to drink, and sgroppino, which is made from lemon sorbet, presecco, vodka and menthe.

After dinner, Gen, Rob, Walli, Brett and I went down the road to a local bar and sat outside by the canal. We should have only had one more drink (well I should have) but we ended up drinking two really large glasses of beer, I woke up the next morning feeling a bit seedy – with another boat trip in the very near future! Not such good planning.

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One thought on “Day 42: San Stino to Venice!!!! – 58k

  1. Hi kaye, we leave today to fly to barcelona. We start walking on Thursday. Its soooo exciting. I had a very interesting week at work knowing I was going away for 9 weeks. I could delete all the emails and decline all the meetings 🙂 Venice is amazing and so compact to walk around. italy is lovely. Spain temperatures are 25-30 which we are sort of looking forward to because its still cold in Wellington but not to walk in. Might mean getting up early, groan.

    Enjoy your rest.


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