Day 43: Rest day one in Venice

I woke up this morning feeling a bit jaded from the alcohol intake last night. It was a great night though.

We had to change hotels which required a 30 minute boat ride back into Venice. I sat very still and focused on the horizon, and luckily did not get sea sick. This was doubly lucky as I then had to get on a bus for 35 minutes. We caught a bus to Mira where the new hotel is. Our bikes and bags came in the tour trucks but there is no extra space for riders. Once we got to Mira we then had to walk 15 min to the hotel. I am pleased we are not biking today, it is so hot!

I had thought about going back into Venice today, but the place we are saying in – Hotel Villa Alberti – has really lovely gardens, and nobody apart from Jan and Dayna headed back into the city. Mostly people caught up on emails, laundry and read and dozed. Tomorrow the plan is to go in early and get to St Marks Market early before the crowds, and have a look around before the heat sets in. The place we are staying is 350 years old, amazing!

There is a really nice fish restaurant 300 metres down the road that some of the riders checked out for lunch that we are going to go back to for dinner. Then I think it will be early to bed for me.

Venice (Ciran’s Head)

Buildings seen by boat just before the Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge

Vapperrato (water taxi) passing us

Rob and Walli on the water taxi

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3 thoughts on “Day 43: Rest day one in Venice

  1. David Bratt

    Hi TK – from 30 degrees at 8 am in Hong Kong airport. Venice is looking magic in your photos. Is your new hotel on the Lido? You are no doubt biking again by now. Keep the fluids up.

  2. Sally

    Hi Kaye, what a trip. just saw by brother last week and he knew you from tar babies rides! small world. your photos bring back memories. i had my first wedding anniversary in Venice!

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