Day 49: Rest day in Genoa

I was looking forward to a sleep-in but hadn’t planned on missing breakfast. Unlike every Hotel we have stayed in the breakfast here ended at 915 instead of 1015, so I ended up going out and having brunch. Every time you go out you have to have a shower when you get back to the hotel and a change of clothes because it’s so hot!

I had planned to have a look around town and catch up with my blog however after brunch I ended up sorting out my bags and then lying down and having a sleep for over three hours! I guess the lack of sleep from the past three nights caught up with me. I did not even get to go and see the house that Christopher Columbus grew up in, until he left for Spain at the age of 14. One of the other riders did though, so I have a photo of it at least.

The early home of Christopher Columbus. For a better photo try here, here, or here.

I must admit that although I still think they are fantastic, I am running out of energy to go and see more castles, churches and walls. This town has walls dating back to the 7th, 9th, 11th, 14th and 17th centuries!

There were a number of cruise ships in the harbour plus there were areas down by the beach that had changing sheds about 5 deep, then rows and rows of umbrellas and deck chairs. The Mediterranean sea looked fantastic.

I went for dinner in the city, I had a very small look around and then sat at an outside table and people watched. I headed back to the hotel for an early night as we have an early start tomorrow, once again to beat the heat.

We are cycling 117k tomorrow, bound to be hills as while walking around the town I noticed that every side is hemmed in by hills. Well, mountain ranges actually.

We are leaving in a convoy for the first 10k, and I have to remember to watch out for scooters when we leave!

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