Xavier Parker

Introducing my first Grandchild, Xavier Parker. After a very quick labour, Xavier was born at 11:13am on Monday the 3rd of September, weighing 3.3 kilos (7 pounds, 4.4 ounces).

Xavier Parker Andrews

His Mum Lizzy and his Dad Theo are both doing really well. Xavier is a happy, healthy baby, who is already feeding well. He is being well looked after by his Aunties and Uncles, and I can’t wait to get home to meet him.

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12 thoughts on “Xavier Parker

  1. Alistair

    So so gorgeous! and content, well done! .

  2. suzanne

    Lovely baby, they’ve got the recipe right for sure! And yay, middle of the day not midnite! Also same birthday as cousin Jhai and aunty suz bestfriend colette xxx

  3. David Bratt

    Not sure about the praying pose! A potential priest in the family eh! Right name for this. So a healthy little lad – well done Lizzie, and congatulations Granny.

  4. jhaii

    he is absolutely beautiful Aunty Kaye, i cannot wait to give him big cuddles too, although he will be alot bigger by the time i get too 🙂 sending you lots of love granny! 🙂 He is just perfect and how clever is Lizzy!!

  5. Ocean

    He is so cute Aunty!!!! Well Done Lizzy! cant wait to see him!!!! ❤ I hope your having a great time on your trip too aunty (: xx

    Love you lots!,

    Ocean ❤

  6. Vicki

    Kaye, congratulations!!! Wonderful news! Following your trip – having fun hearing your comments on the way 🙂 Enjoy – hope we will meet again one day.. Cheers, Vicki

  7. Imad Aljanabi

    He looks a brilliant and good chap from now, Wish him a bright future.

  8. Kazza

    Awwwwww………wot can u say, nothing like a brand new baby!!!

  9. Buenos Dias Kaye, congratulations and welcome to Spain.
    We will arrive in Burgos tomorrow and have our first rest day. We’ve walked about 250 Kms and it’s been hot.

  10. Jenny Hodgen

    What a gorgeous boy! Well done Lizzie and Theo – I lovel the name you chose – and congratulations to proud Granny.

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  12. Walli Pagniello

    Kaye, I still say he will be a pianist – look at these long fingers!
    What a blessing Xavier is born into such a loving gfamily!

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