Day 72: Madrid to Pelayos De La Presa – 83k

5,654km down: 571km to go

Once again I enjoyed sleeping in a bed. There was a bit of chaos leaving the hotel due to the single left, so by the time we finally left in the convoy the traffic was pretty gridlocked. We rode in the midst of it for about 6k, and then we went through the park by the Zoo for a couple of kilometres. I would have liked to have seen the Pandas again, but we went past ages before the Zoo opening time.

Traffic leaving Madrid

Not a lot to report about the ride today, it was fairly short, 83k with only one significant hill. The scenery was dry and hot.

Of great interest today we went past the NASA Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex. There are three sites in the world equidistant from each other: one in Canberra, Australia, the California Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in the United States, and this one in Spain. Where ever a satellite is it can be in communication, it takes two seconds to get or send a message to the moon, and it takes 79 minutes to send a messages to or from Mars.

Madrid NASA Deep Space Communication Complex

I wonder if any of the cows are secret agents?

The campsite tonight seems fairly deserted, so fingers crossed it will be quiet tonight. I discovered yesterday we have eight more riding days to Lisbon, including today, not seven like I thought.

Happy 50th Birthday Julie, I hope you had a great meal out!

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2 thoughts on “Day 72: Madrid to Pelayos De La Presa – 83k

  1. Karen

    Hey there my friend, those Pandas were crack-up, how awesome 2 c them up close and personal, nothing like the real thing!!! U don’t look 2 impressed with the Madrid traffic. I hv 2 say u guys have serious balls getting in2 traffic, it luks like a bloody suicide mission 2 me. We hv a gorgeous Spring day in the Bay 2day, blue sky, blue water -totally awesome!!! Not long til u r home now. Enjoy the remaining time on yr trip!!! I bet u r planning yr nxt one already.

  2. Sally

    who is on Mars to get your msg?

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