Day 77: Cáceres to Valencia de Alcántara – 101k

6,034km down: 191km to go Up 984 metres, down 817

We left the hotel about 8:45am and rode in a convoy for the first 5k. Today we are following the same road nearly all day so nobody should be getting lost today.

Brett and I leaving the hotel in Cáceres

We see lots more stock now but there is still not a lot of grazing. In the fields there is hay spread around all the paddocks for the stock to eat.

There was not a lot to note about the morning, there were rolling hills and I tried to get enough momentum to get to the top or as close to it on most the hills. There were a few though that because of the length or the gradient I only got part of the way assisted. When I get back to New Zealand I have four days before I go back to work and I am going to go and ride a couple of hills to see how much I have improved:
1. The hill in Makara that goes up to the windmills – before I came away I had to stop twice on the way up
2. Hungerford Road from the Lyall Bay side which I have not yet tried, but I believe is a 20% gradient.

Just before lunch I looked up as we came up to the crest of a hill and unbelievable but there were about 30 to 35 eagles/condors soaring and gliding above me, amazing!

Today we reached another milestone, the 6,000 k mark 🙂 By end of the day the total we have ridden was 6,034. We bought some bottles of local red wine to celebrate this achievement.

Just reached the 6,000k mark

Celebratory wine for reaching the 6,000k mark

This afternoon when we turned off the N521 towards the camp the landscape changed again. There are more hills and also quite a lot of rock formations. We are staying in a national park about 4k from the border to Portugal. So tomorrow is the last border we cross for the tour.

The scenery at the camp Aguas Claras in Valencia de Alcántara

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3 thoughts on “Day 77: Cáceres to Valencia de Alcántara – 101k

  1. Karen

    U r soooo tanned!!!! I’m soooooo jealous! Not much further 2 go now!!! U r awesum my friend!!!!!

  2. Iain

    Congratulations Kaye

  3. Sally

    don’t they have screw top wine bottles? I am wondering if you are going to throw out your cycling gear before you come home….you have certainly almost lived in it non stop and might be sick of it. How will you decide what to wear each day when you get back and look in your wardrobe in the morning???? You are such an inspiration. Now that you are into skype can we skype when you get home????

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