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The best, the worst, and the scariest

On the flights home I had time to think about the trip, and what the highlights have been – apart from the incredible privilege of being able to have three months of holiday. I also had a chance to think about the less favourable parts of the trip . . .

In no order of importance here are the highlights (and it goes without saying that becoming a Gran is obviously the biggest highlight)

The things I disliked most:

The 5 scariest things that happened on the trip:

  • Getting lost on the metro in Russia (x2)
  • Dog bite camp (where Miles was attacked by a dog). I would have to look back on the blog to find the name of the camp but has been referred to as “Dog bite camp” ever since by the riders
  • Getting totally lost in Hungary (but it was ok because I was saved by Berta who gave a lift in her red sports car, and got lost doing it)
  • When I was near the border in Poland there were some idiots doing wheelies up and down the road, which was quite scary as I was riding by myself, but I just got off the road and waited for Dan and Michel who were behind me to catch up, and then I stuck with them the rest of the day
  • Just before Cannes I turned onto a highway right in front of a car. I had looked but just did not see it, thankfully the driver managed to avoid me (and gave me a well deserved mouthful). After this I looked each time, not once, not twice but at least three times. When I get home I will have back to the habit of walking my bike across a busy road rather than riding it across.
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