Here we go again!

In 42 sleeps, I am off again on another adventure – this time heading off on the South American Epic. I will be gone for almost 6 months, cycling from Columbia to Argentina, covering 13,641 kilometres – on road and off!

My generous daughter Kelly has agreed to ‘curate’ this blog again, so I am hoping to keep you all up to date with my travels, experiences, and mishaps.

In preparation for my trip, Kelly has given the blog a bit of a makeover, and included a page of information about the new trip. Over the coming couple of weeks, in the lead up to heading off, I will be posting some of the “bulletins” of information we have been getting from the tour company, to give you an idea of the preparation that goes into the trip, as well as what to expect.

I have learnt a few things from last time – this time I am not going to:

  • Work until the day before I leave (which ended up being well into most of the night before)
  • Leave packing until 15 minutes before I have to go to the airport (due to frantically trying to finish of work stuff before I went). Suffice to say it did not work well, and some very important items were left behind
  • Just chuck things into my bag – I am going to use a list to pack by, now there is a novel idea, bet no one else has ever thought of that! This way I won’t leave key items behind.
  • Cheap out on getting a good tent – this time I am going to take a tent that is suitable for the trip, seeming as I will be spending a lot of the trip in it – I’m even going to take a mallet for the tent pegs.

In fact, this time I have actually made a four page list of all the things I need to do and buy, and have been steadily working my way through it.

I can’t believe there are only 42 sleeps to go – and 50 until my trip starts!

I am looking forward to making more new friends

I am looking forward to making more new friends

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8 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. Barry Mahon [CCDHB]

    Awesome is the word. I look forward to following you. Cheers barry

  2. So this time you will have medication, and a spare cell phone battery, for when you miss the road post? Maybe a gun will be useful in South America as well but I guess that might be hard to get across boarders. I am sure it will be an epic adventure and look forward to sharing it with you, cheers Jane

  3. Walli Pagniello

    ………. And most of all seeing OLD FRIENDS again. Kaye, this is soooooo exciting. Had to change my start to Santiago de Chile and will see you Nov. 9th!!!


  4. Delwyn Hunter

    I think you failed to mention something else you are vowing NOT to do:).


  5. Sue Hodge

    Looking forward to following your travels Kaye.

  6. Shellbe

    Woohoo go Mum!!!!!!!!! xxx

    Good work Kells

  7. Jhaii

    Yay!! Go Aunty Kaye! A very wise list of things to do before you go.
    We all love you xxx

  8. Karen Dalley

    All the best my crazy friend – you’ve earned it

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