Bulletin #15 – Money on Tour

May 12th, 2015

Money on Tour

During the South American Epic you will need access to funds for your food the night before rest days and on rest days, snacks and drinks along the cycling route, spare bike parts if needed, and for any touristic sites you may visit along the way or souvenirs you may purchase. Please refer to your TDA Tours 101 info kit for more details regarding money, and what additional expenses you can expect.

Bringing a debit card which has either the “Cirrus” or “Plus” systems is a good idea; ATM’s are common in all of the rest day locations along the route.  So while you can access local currency funds in each country the location and timing of the ATM may mean that for the first stretch within a country you will not have access to an ATM.

It is also wise to bring a credit card.  This will be accepted in larger establishments throughout the Tour.

The best way to bring cash on tour is in the form of U.S.A. currency.  This is accepted everywhere that there are exchange services.  Try to bring bills that are newer than 2006.  Pre 2006 bills are sometimes not accepted (due to higher likelihood of counterfeits)  It’s a good idea to bring a mix of bill values, such as $20 and $50 bills.  For full tour participants we recommend bringing $1000 – $2000 in cash.

Once on tour, it is not advisable to walk around or cycle with all of your cash funds.  We recommend keeping the majority of your cash along with your passport in your permanent bag on the tour vehicle.

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