Bulletin #18 – Are You Racing South America?

Are You Racing South America?

The South American Epic will be the world’s longest supported cycling tour. For some of you it will also be the world’s longest stage race (it will be more than 5 times as many stages as the Tour de France!). The race component is open to all participants. Many will prefer to go at their own speed and stop wherever they wish for snacks, photos, or to soak in their environement. But for those with a healthy competitive spirit, we are now busy planning the logistics of our race and we need your help.

Which of these options best describes your intentions with regards to racing?

(Reply to the email indicating your letter response)

  • A) I plan on racing the entire tour.
  • B) I plan to race 1 or 2 sections but not the full tour.
  • C) I plan to start as a racer and I will see how it goes.
  • D) I am only focussed on EFI and not on racing.
  • E) I am not racing.

We appreciate your responses soon so we can plan the racing component appropriately. The racers will receive race information closer to the start date.

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One thought on “Bulletin #18 – Are You Racing South America?

  1. Julie Millar [CCDHB]

    Hi Kaye, We are all interested to see your reply to this!

    Best wishes


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