Ready to go!

The day has arrived and unlike last time I have packed everything in the car and have two hours to spare.

The last couple of days have been crazy getting everything at work and home sorted. I managed to get hold of Millie the cat and take her to the vet for vaccination so got everything on the list done.

Having a day off before going has helped, especially with daughter Shellbe also off today to Asia for 3 months.  I dropped her off at airport already this morning.

Last night was busy, with the last family dinner and packing. Trying to get everything you need into two 23 kg bags for 6 months, including the bike parts and tent was a mission. Thank you to Kelly, Daniel, Dan and Karen, after packing, re packing, weighing and re weighing, and then re packing we managed to get everything into the bike box, bag, and carry on (just hope they don’t weight my carry on! ), except 3 items. Degreaser and tubes I can get over there. Oh, and also the large bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I took out at the airport – who knew they weighed so much?!

I will certainly look like a tourist, with my camera around my neck, and iPad and book in hand (because they won’t fit in my carry on). I will miss family and friends but looking forward to seeing what the next 6 months brings.

The packing process - the top left is all my medication!!

The packing process – the top left is only about half of my medication / first aid kit!!


My life for the next 6 months, all packed up!

If only I could take this guy too!!

If only I could take this guy too!!

My last coffee . . .  . Headed for the plane - goodbye NZ, hello South America!

                            My last New Zealand coffee                                       Headed for the plane – goodbye NZ, hello South America!

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5 thoughts on “Ready to go!

  1. Caroline

    Have a fabulous time Kaye….cant wait to live vicariously through your posts….😊😊💋

  2. Lizzy

    Buy Buy Gran!

  3. Glynis Denz

    Kaye, all the very best I will be following your adventures!! Enjoy and every moment, sore bum and all!! Just loving my tripping too in Warsaw today. Love G

  4. Sue Hodge

    Kaye, have a fantastic time. Looking forward to following your adventures. Sue xoxo

  5. Steve giss

    Wooohooo! Loving it! Enjoy.

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