Arrived safely in Chile

I am having some technical problems with my phone. It worked ok last time but not to worry, I have the info book out to read when I wake up.

The horrors of international travel in cattle class: first off I had a middle seat even though I had asked for an aisle seat. At least it was in the middle block of plane so I took turns annoying my neighbours on each side to get out, to go to the toilet, often! I got to the point where I did not want to drink anything. And trying to get up without disturbing someone who is asleep but with their head phones connected to the console is actually not possible. Yes I did try it!

Then there was the small baby who was not a happy traveller and the rowdy sports team. I finally feel asleep just before we landed and then woke up with a fright as the wheels hit the ground.

Santiago has 6.5 million people and is very dry and lots of smog, lots of people smoking, people riding backs and un-neutered dogs roaming around. Traffic is busy but tolerant of the dogs and other drivers mostly. My hotel is nice but the is room noisy, it’s like being out on the street. I am planning to try and have a sleep as I have been up since 3.15am on Friday morning (editors note: This was sent about 6am Saturday NZ time).

I will have to take some photos of the taxis. A number are beaten up and tied together with chains.

I have just had a shower so am going to hopefully have a nap. When I get up I can worry about having accidentally locked my documents in the room safe, when I thought I was just shutting the door . . .

Dog just chilling at the airport

Dog just chilling at the airport

Dog just chilling at the airport

Dog just chilling at the airport

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3 thoughts on “Arrived safely in Chile

  1. Kiri Rikihana

    Go well Kaye! can’t wait to hear how your adventures unfold!

  2. Dave and Dianne Kerse

    Hi Kaye Glad you got to Chile safely and we are flying the Chilean flag for you! Also, you will be sad – the Hurricanes lost the rugby final. Love Dianne and Dave PS – couldn’t work how to post a photo in your blog comments

    Sent from my iPad


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