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Day 2: Finca to Tolu – 86k

176 km down: 13,465km to go

It is not so hot today. Got away from camp at 7:30, and got to next camp by 2.30.

Forgot to say yesterday: At camp, for 35 riders and 8 staff, there were two toilets and one shower. The shower consisted of a bucket of water, but damn it felt good.

Today was undulating until lunch, and then a slight incline or flat the rest of the way. The temp got up to 36 degrees again, but until lunch we had cloud cover.

The afternoon was hot and the bits that were shared by trees were very welcome. 5 kilometres from the end the temp dropped by 6 degrees as we neared the sea.

The camp is quite nice, had a bar where you can buy cold beer. Plus two showers: a men’s and a woman’s – a real bonus as there are only about 7 female riders.

Shady bar and Wifi area at camp (photo credit: Sue's facebook page)

Shady bar and Wifi area at camp (photo credit: Sue’s Facebook page)

I have my bike in the camp shop to get the speedo looked at as it’s not working, which makes it very had to follow directions if you don’t know how far you have come. Hopefully the bike mechanic can fix it.
So far I have forgotten pens and pad paper, which makes it hard to write the directions but I am taking a photo with the phone.

I am a bit daunted by tomorrow: 130 kilometres with a long dirt track with no shade. I may consider riding in the truck, will see what the info is at the riders meeting. Tomorrow night we get to stay in a hotel, so I can catch up on washing etc. I should sleep better tonight as it’s not as hot, and no bloody rosters.

I am planning to go for a swim as I don’t see the sea again until Peru.

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