Day 9/164: Via Lactea to Medellin – 48km

734 km down: 12,907 km to go

It was cold enough again to sleep in a sleeping bag. We camped at approximately 2,500 metres. Just as I was about asleep last night the security lights came on right over our tents, thankfully after about an hour they went off. Not sure if someone complained or whether they were on a timer.

Today we had 25 kilometres riding then were meeting as a group to ride in convoy into Medellín. There were 8 riders that did not ride today, which includes 4 who left the camp by taxi yesterday to get another night in Medellín.

When we left the camp, it was straight up a hill so I walked up to the top and rode from there. I only had to get off once more for the ride. I missed a flag at 12.6 kilometres, so rode an extra 4 kilometres which more than made up for it.

Luckily it was mostly rolling hills, nothing like yesterday. Of course the one other time I had to get off was in front of a bunch of locals.

Half of the first section of the ride was downhill, we dropped nearly 1,000 meters in 12 kilometres. It is Sunday today so I passed a few riders coming up it. I had to stop a couple of times to let the rims cool down. There were 3 local boys who came screaming past me at great speed. One of the other riders said he saw one come off but jump back on, and another nearly collect a bus. I came around one corner and they were sitting at the side of the road, looked like they were repairing a bike.


All downhill to Medellin (Photo credit: Sue’s Facebook page)

Got to the bottom where we were meeting for the convoy. A local lady was selling the most wonderful hot chocolate. I shared my lunch with an adolescent dog with a limp, who looked hungrier than me. Actually he got all of it.

There were 3 riders from Medellín who came to lead the convoy in. It was especially chosen to arrive on a Sunday as on Sundays half of the city’ motorways and highways are shut during the day for cyclists. There are wardens every few kilometres and at intersections, plus policia dotted around.


Convoy into Medellin (Photo credit: Sue’s Facebook page)

The convoy took about an hour. One of the riders on the way in commented we could go back up the hill the next day and do a time trial. My look of horror must have been the same as if he had suggested that I cut off my arm. I managed to stutter out that I needed to rest my legs!

Riding into í

Riding into Medellin (Photo credit: Sue’s Facebook page)

The hotel rooms are quite large, with good air-conditioning, plus hot running water, a shower and a bath.

Today was spent sorting out gear, washing, emails and stocking up on supplies:
Large plastic bags
Bug spray
Snack food

buying up large

Buying supplies (Photo credit: Sue’s Facebook page)

Shopping at the local store (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Shopping at the local store (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

A number of the riders have commented there doesn’t seem to be that many bugs. That’s because they are all lurking around me for the moment they find a spot of skin without bug spray!

After going to bed at about 7:30 for the past five nights I have been wide awake tonight, but now am off to bed.

Tomorrow I have to go to the bike shop to get some stuff such as another magnet that will hopefully make my speedo go, and clips for my new shoes as the old ones are unlikely to last another day.

Sue's chocolate stash for the next 6 days (finally - a photo Kaye took!)

Sue’s chocolate stash for the next 6 days (Editor’s note: finally – a photo Kaye took!)

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4 thoughts on “Day 9/164: Via Lactea to Medellin – 48km

  1. Carol Thomas

    Wow Kaye looking like that watch those blokes, my god can’t believe how many kilometres to go. Pat doing okay not easy thought Happy riding Me xx

  2. Glynis

    What view from the top…well done! How many small bottles were purchased? You look great!
    Love Glynis

  3. Karen Dalley

    Looking good my friend, looking good

  4. Imad Aljanabi

    Seems to have great time kaye, all the best wishes.

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