Update re earthquake in Chile

Editor Update: Hi everyone – Kelly here, just thought I’d send out a quick update as I’ve had a few people asking about Mum and whether she’s anywhere near the earthquake in Chile.

Kaye is still in Peru, and according to the travel plan they should be somewhere between Nazca and Curahuasi, heading inland (and upwards!). They don’t head into Chile until November.

My last text from Kaye was Wednesday night (NZ time), she had gotten to camp but was expecting to not have any cell coverage for the next two days. As I write this (8:45pm Thursday NZ time) it is 3:45 am in Peru. Hopefully I’ll hear from Kaye tomorrow, if I do I will update you all 🙂

The red marker is approximately where Kaye currently is

The red marker is approximately where Kaye currently is

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2 thoughts on “Update re earthquake in Chile

  1. Lizzy

    Thanks jelly 👍😀❤️

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