Day 88/164: Oruru to Challapata – 132km

It was cold getting up this morning, and ice on the tent! The first part of the ride was getting through a crazy town in rush hour traffic, spotting flags, and making the tight turns in the chaos! The traffic has no regard for traffic rules, and certainly no one considers cyclists.

There is a weird system where the traffic can either go on a side road or straight ahead so you constantly have buses and trucks, plus of course the usual mini vans, driving straight at you. A few cyclists got lost in the chaos and ended up spending even longer in the city.

Once out of the city the countryside was pretty much the same as the last two days, so not much to comment on.


Lunch truck on the side of the road

I am still coughing and breathless due to the altitude, but the asthma seems to be settling. Feeling nauseous and have a lack of appetite still due to the altitude. At least we are staying about the same evaluation which hopefully will help.

I got to see the first small patches of salt today. I am looking forward to seeing the salt flats. Not a lot of energy and enthusiasm for riding. Thankfully the last 30 kilometres had a bit of a tailwind and a slight down gradient.

We are bush camping again in a field, so once again no shower or toilet facilities.

Dinner was Chicken, pasta, broccoli, garlic bread, and water melon and feta salad.

Dinner truck at crater camp cold and windy

Dinner truck at camp – cold and windy

Our campsite tonight (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Our campsite tonight (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

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