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Day 97/164: La Quiaca to Humahuaca – 158km

Climbing 985 – down 1,430

As soon as we crossed the border into Argentina the clothing changed, no more traditional dress with the long skirts, shawls, and bowler hats. It is no longer possible to always work out who are the tourists.  I soon realised that Argentina is going to be similar to Wellington with the wind. The wind starts at about 10 am and continues into the evening and then dies away overnight.

Long day biking today with the wind. The scenery so far is dry farmland with mountains surrounding.

Amazing hills to be seen today (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Amazing hills to be seen today (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

We are staying at Camp Carolina which has grass, trees, and showers and toilets – luxury.

Wonderful trees (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Wonderful trees (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

After a shower I wandered down to the town and had a look around. Sat in the square in the sun chatting to other riders and drinking cold beer for an hour or so.

Downtown Humahuaca (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Downtown Humahuaca (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

When we got back to camp unfortunately there had been an accident with the LPG cooking gas, and both April and Jodi had been burnt. We got there just before the ambulance arrived. Thankfully they had got under cold water immediately and stayed there until the ambulance arrived.

They were taken to the local medical centre for first treatment. Later Luiz and Max drove them to Salta to get assessed there. Well they started driving them to Salta, then the ute lost all power and lights in the dark. They organized a taxi for April and Jodi and then had to sort getting the ute to a garage.

Then they tried about five 24 hour rental places who all said ring back at 9am! Finally they arrived back in camp at 4:30am.

April and Jodi are staying in Salta (we get there in a couple of days). They have bad burns on their hands and palms, and Jodi has a burnt foot. April got her face burnt but thankfully 1st degree burn only.

Understandably we are all shocked and concerned. Especially as at this stage we don’t know how bad it is. This is the 3rd problem with the LPG this trip! The staff are not going to use it again until they have a safe system. Luckily the camp has wood fires so dinner was cooked on there instead.

Lots of cacti once again (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Lots of cacti once again (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

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