Day 99/164: Yala to Salta – 115km

Climbing 1315; down 1590.

The first 15 kilometres today we were on a really busy highway with the morning traffic and roadworks. Thankfully we the then turned off the main road and went on a really nice scenic route to 101 kilometres.

Delightful narrow roads over the hills (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Delightful narrow roads over the hills (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

We went through some nice bush and mostly the climbing was gradual. Day 3 of not having to use any reliever medication, I still have the cough but thankfully not coughing at night anymore. It is nice to be able to ride and push myself without having to worry about asthma.

Amazing flowers (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Amazing flowers (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

The houses are much nicer here than we have seen so far in South America. A number of them are quite palatial.

At 101 kilometres we turned back to the highway. Then we were on a motorway which was crazy. There was a sign that said no cyclists! But we had not been given an alternative route to go, so we stayed on it and hoped for the best. There were four of us riding together and we figured it was safer to stay in a group.

Once we got into the city the intersections without lights were chaos. Thankfully we got to the hotel intact.

We are staying at Hotel Ghala. The hotel is nice with great big rooms. In my room there is a huge king bed and single, a bath in the bathroom, and a separate basin and mirror outside the bathroom.

The population of Salta is 450 thousand, not counting tourists. There are lots of  tourists. A lot come here as part of visiting the wine region in Cafayate which is a 200 kilometres away.

We had dinner at a Cafe round the corner. The menu gave the red wine option as “Vino tinto” with no choice of type or name, but the one the waiter bought was nice. It was a Malbec. I had that with steak stuffed with spinach and cheese.

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