Day 101/164: Rest Day Two in Salta

Nice to have two rest days. I went to sleep late and slept in, and only just made breakfast. I then went out to go to the Pharmacy and managed to get some more probiotics.

I found a really good delicatessen and bought some blue cheese, cheddar cheese, olives, and some freshly baked bread that was still warm for lunch.

At the hotel the Wifi only works in the lobby so I sent a few emails and chatted to the other riders. Then an afternoon nap.

I haven’t really had a look at that much of Salta but with the amount of riding still to come mostly on rest days I rest. Then the usual re packing of the bags.

There are only two riding days until next rest day. The next rest day is in Cafayate which is the 2nd biggest wine region.

In South America the shops close from 1 to about 5 for siesta, even the supermarkets. The restaurants don’t really open for dinner until about 8pm which is quite late when you have to get up early. Rather than wait till 8pm I had a hamburger at a place that was open near the hotel.

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