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Day 108/164: Schaqui to Sana Gasta – 132km

1050 climbing, 950 down

Today we had a serious head wind and gradual uphill most of the morning, with a few steeper sections, plus 20 kilometres of an uneven surface.

Lunch was not till 82 kilometres, thankfully after lunch we had 20 kilometres mostly down hill.

On the road today (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

On the road today (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

There were lots of vineyards, we went through a town called Chilecito ( which is where a bit of wine I have drunk has come from).

The last 20 kilometres of the ride was hard, a gradual climb up a rough surface. I have been pushing myself quite hard the last four days, standing a lot more so as not to change down and my legs are tired. I was very pleased to get to get to camp.

A rusting old tram line in our direction today (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

A rusting old tram line in our direction today (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

Camp had trees and grass and was sheltered. There is a small shop selling cold beer and we are allowed to take the bottles to camp so long as we bring them back.

A few locals turned up selling homemade donuts which went quickly amongst a group of always hungry cyclists.

There were toilets but no shower – so day 4 with no shower. Dinner was steak, squash, and salad.

For a change there are no camp dogs, but there is a small gray cat who is more than happy to partake in any offerings.

A wonderful campsite after a very hard day (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

A wonderful campsite after a very hard day (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

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Day 107/164: El Molino to Schaqui – 111 kilometres

Climbing 615 and down 690.

I decided this morning to pump up my tyre as I hadn’t for a week or so. When I took the cap off the first one the valve insert came out. I thought I had put it back in ok but 5 kilometres down the road I had a flat tyre. I thought it was just the valve and pumped up again and 2 minutes down the road it was flat again, so the tube needed to be changed (it is always the bike tyre!).

Today's route details  (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Today’s route details (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

The scenery was desert with mountain ranges today. We did 20 kilometres with a long gradual up hill and what looked like white arches away in the distance, but it was just the road going up and up. Bit of a headwind. Then we had ups and downs with quite a few hills and the road surface was quite uneven. Scenery was just kilometre after kilometre of desert.

The last 20 kilometres we turned right and the scenery was very pretty: flowers, trees, cacti in flower.

We had been going to ride 125 kilometres today and stay at a camp called “Quarry camp” which I was not looking forward. I was envisaging rocks and barren, bleak surroundings. Thankfully I did not have to find out as we are now staying at 105 k instead at a campsite.

We stopped at a shop 5 kilometres before camp where we had a cold beer which we had to drink there (because of the bottles). We must have got there just before 1pm, which is when siesta starts. The Siesta in Argentina starts at 1pm and shops open again anywhere from 6 pm to 8 pm. Most restaurants you can’t get anything to eat before 8pm.

At the camp on the white board it said to watch out for snakes eekkk!! Toliets but no showers! (day 3 without a shower).

There was a white staffordshire bull terrier at camp, a very nice natured dog. A few riders went for a swim in the river and were jumping off the cliff and she was howling with concern every time one did it. Unfortunately she had an awful skin condition like eczema (which Sue who was a vet says is caused by a mite and treatable) over most of her body which must cause her a lot of grief. I wish there was something I could do for her. Not sure if they have organizations like SPCA in Argentina. They do have dog charities in the bigger cites in Peru. Will need to google when I get some decent Wifi.

The campsite was quite peaceful until about 5pm when a number of motorcycle riders starting racing up and down and around a circuit that went around the camp. Thankfully it only lasted about an hour.

Dinner was chicken ginger sauce, brown rice and vegetable salad.

Australia bet Argentina in the semi final so Australia and NZ to play off in the final.

Today's Strava profile  (Photo credit: Sue's blog)

Today’s Strava profile (Photo credit: Sue’s blog)

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