Day 110/164: Rest day in Villa Union

Today was not a day of rest as I had lots to do, so I was up at the usual time of 6:30, and at breakfast at 7am.

First of all the bike had to be washed and cleaned ready for Antonio the bike mechanic to fit a new chain, cassette and brakes, then to change the tyres.

I was really irritated to find that Burkes Bike Shop in Kilbirnie where I had taken my bike nearly two months before I went away have given me a 32 cassette instead of a 34 cassette like is already on my bike! This means I have lost my two smallest gears and getting up steep hills will be harder. My bike already has poor gearing for hills! I feel a bit disillusioned with the shop as I gave them all the info of what I was doing and went to them for expert advice.

It would have been useful if they had said “you know your bike is not really set up for hills can we suggest to try …” rather than give me replacement parts that made it worse. I won’t be going back.

I have already had both bike mechanics shaking their heads and spending ages readjusting the way my front brakes were set up by Burkes. If it wasn’t for the fact my chain is slipping and the cassette has pretty much had it, I would just leave the old parts on and buy new ones in Santiago.

Then I had hand washing to do, and hanging out to dry. I washed my tent as it was getting grubby and it was a good drying day.

Then I sorted through my bags, packing things where they are meant to be, and going up to the town to buy food for lunch and dinner before the supermarket closed at 1pm. I didn’t want to be waiting until after 8pm to eat then have to get up and ride in morning.

Up in the town I got some nice blue cheese, olives, tomatoes, pears and fresh bread (plus chocolate, peanuts and chippies).

There is very bad wifi, the signal only works in the main reception area and takes forever to log on and get emails. Sending even a couple of lines takes forever!

One of the riders, Walli, from the Trans Europa trip 3 years ago was going to join us for the rest of the ride in Santiago, but is now not coming. I was looking forward to catching up with her. Walli is thinking about the Trans-oceania so hopefully will get to see her in the New Zealand section of that.

Only 3 riding days until the next rest day.

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One thought on “Day 110/164: Rest day in Villa Union

  1. Karen Dalley

    Hope u have caught up with the fact that we are (once again) the world champion rugby nation!!! It was an awesome game. Very proud that you were keeping up with it. All is good here, just waiting for Tonys’ No.2 grandbabby to be born – taking it’s time. look forward to seeing you in 6wks!!!

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