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Day 113/164: Bush camp to San Juan – 56km

Climbing 230 meters, down 555

I had to get up during the night to re-stake the fly to my tent. The peg had come out and the fly was flapping back and forth in the wind, and seemed like tent was about to lift up and blow away. The wind did not settle during the night, and it was a really cold and windy morning. Thankfully only 56 kilometres to ride today.

My tent tried to become a kite as I was taking it down, and took off and crashed into another rider’s tent. I managed to grab it before it became airborne again.

Due to the weather a group of us rode in a peloton, given the strong head wind doing 2-4 k each at a time. I managed to get one of my turns going up hill, and was huffing and puffing trying to keep up a good pace.  Thankfully at about 40 kilometres we got some downhill and then changed direction so weren’t battling straight into a head wind.

We are staying at the Ibis hotel, with a rest day tomorrow. The first job when we got to the hotel in San Juan (after the shower) was finding a laundry before the siesta shut down. We thought we were in luck as there was a laundry right by the hotel, but it was shut till Monday (today is Saturday and we leave on Sunday). It must also be who the hotel use as they said they could not get laundry back till Monday. After hand washing for the past two rest days I really wanted to get my clothes properly washed. Thankfully there is a laundry four blocks and a couple of streets over that was open and could get the washing done by tomorrow. Plus it is by a supermarket, which was also open, where I bought water and snacks.

After this I went to find something to eat with another TDA rider Brett (from Australia) and we found a restaurant that was open even though it was siesta. It had the rugby World Cup final playing, just starting the second half. I am not normally a rugby fan but it has been quite topical on this trip with riders from Australia, South Africa, Scotland, England, and me from New Zealand. I actually got quite excited during the game and a bit stressed when the scores got a bit close, until Dan Carter kicked the field goal. Plus there was something additionally joyful watching New Zealand win in the company of an Australian!

We shared a pizza, and had beer. This is the second Pizza I have had in Argentina and probably the last. The base was ok but the rest was bland and on the top they grated an egg. It was lukewarm and had cold olives on top.

After that I went back to the hotel to catch up on some emails, and doze.

I went out for dinner about 9pm. The place I went into did not have many people there and I nearly didn’t go in, however by the time I had had a steak, the place had about 200 dinners, including families with small children.

On the way back from dinner I went into a book store that was open and they had an English section so I bought a couple of books to read.


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