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Day 117/164: Bonus rest day in Uspallata

It was quite cold and overcast this morning and I was happy not to be riding. An extra rest day is a bonus and I am determined to be up to date with my blog before we leave tomorrow.

Sue has had a very bad night with little sleep and is in a lot of pain. The TDA staff are trying to sort out an appointment at the hospital to see a dentist.

After breakfast I went for a walk into town which is about a ten minute walk. When I got to the town a large hairy dog decided he was my new best friend and followed me from shop to shop, sitting patiently outside each time until I came out.

The town is not very big but I found a couple of restaurants that looked like good places for dinner, and went to the supermarket and got snacks and some food for lunch and went to the bank. My new hairy friend then followed me all the way back to the hotel. Unfortunately he is a car chaser which was a bit stressful, but he stopped when I shouted at him. He also went and harassed the hotel pig but the pig is huge and just ignored him. He followed one of the other riders Shirley back from town later and chased cars and hassled the pig again. The pig must have been fed up by that time as it charged at him.

I caught up with Sue, the hospital dentist was not able to help and gave her 3 injections to try and numb the pain until this afternoon when she has an appointment with a dentist in town. The injections have not helped the pain at all, but they have left her with a numb mouth.

My plan for the afternoon was to get the blog up to date which I did get onto after I had finished my book. I have managed to catch up 9 days and will do the rest tomorrow.

At 8pm it was time to head off into town for dinner. I ended up at the same restaurant as most of the riders and the TDA staff. I had some nice red wine, there was a nice warm fire, however I once again managed to order greasy chops! I am starting to think that every third option on the menu despite what it is called is actually greasy chops!

When I came out of the restaurant my hairy friend and two of his mates were waiting. Luckily I had some scraps for them. Once again I had a dog escort home.

My hairy friend in Uspallata

My hairy friend in Uspallata

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