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Day 118/164: Rest Day in Uspallata

It was nice to wake up to a sunny day with blue skies, a good chance to dry tents, sleeping bags, and thermal rests.

We are currently at 2,000 meters in altitude and climbing again tomorrow, 1650 to about 3100. Given that we are staying under 4,000 meters and are only up at altitude for one night I have decided not to take altitude medication. The next day we go back down 2,280 meters.

I am feeling a bit daunted about tomorrow as it possibly snowing and could be very cold. The TDA staff who have scouted the last couple of days say it has been snowing and very cold. As a result we are not going to be bush camping, we are going to be staying 7 kilometres from the border to Chile in a hostel. So all my warm weather clothes are back out.

Sue is feeling much better this morning. Yesterday she had an appointment with the local dentist at 1:30pm who did X-rays and found her tooth was abscessing under an old filling, so he has taken that out and the roots, and put a temporary filling in. Sue managed to sleep well last night so hopefully she is on the road to recovery.

I spent the day re packing and catching up with my blog. However the wifi is not good here, once again not able to cope with this amount of people sending photos etc.

Sunset in Uspallata

Sunset in Uspallata

Same view, but not at sunset

Same view, but not at sunset

Jo and I had discussed getting our hair done in Santiago. Jo speaks quite good Spanish and as we had an extra rest day we decided to try and get it done here. Jo went and spoke to the local hairdresser yesterday and she told her we should come at 5pm today.

When we left the hotel my hairy friend was waiting for me outside the hotel, and came all the way to the hairdresser and waited outside.

When we got there we found she had told a number of other people also to come at 5pm. She was a lovely lady but had no concept of time. People would come in and she would say “Come back in an hour” when she already had 3 hours of people at least lined up. One guy came back 3 times while we were there.

At 8pm she asked if she could quickly do a local lady, who was getting cross at waiting so long, before she washed the color out of hair and cut my hair. The quick turned out to be consulting color charts and she was going to color the ladies hair at 30 minutes. Luckily Jo intervened and said that no this was not quick, we had been there first and needed to eat and sleep. It was 9pm by the time I got out of there.

The dog was still out there waiting for me!! He followed us across the road to the restaurant. I had trout with a blue cheese sauce which was really nice. I ordered 2 empanadas for my hairy friend in case he was still waiting. He was, and was very happy with the empanadas and downed them very quickly, and then followed me back to the hotel.

When we went past the hairdressers she was still working!

Editor’s note: Below are some photos from Jo’s Facebook page, from when she went for a ride on the rest day:

Heading back into Upsallata, the town dwarfed by the snow capped mountains

Heading back into Upsallata, the town dwarfed by the snow capped mountains (Photo credit: Jo’s Facebook page)

Riding toward our hotel in Upsallata

Riding toward our hotel in Upsallata (Photo credit: Jo’s Facebook page)

The beautiful driveway to our hotel

The beautiful driveway to our hotel (Photo credit: Jo’s Facebook page)

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