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Day 122/164: Rest Day One in Santiago

We had arranged to meet after breakfast in the lobby at 10 am for the haircuts.

We had Ray, Shirley and Dan, Brett, Grant, Sue, Antonio and Luis. There was a hairdresser just down the road from the hotel so off we headed. It was quite hard to get across what it was we wanted even though Shirley speaks really good Spanish.

I think the hairdressers did not believe that this is what was actually wanted. We did get there in the end. A few of the other riders popped in for a laugh.

Brett getting his "Upsallata Cut"

Brett getting his “Uspallata Cut”

The group with their "Upsallata Cuts"

The group with their “Uspallata Cuts”

The group with their "Upsallata Cuts"

The group with their “Uspallata Cuts”

I got a few comments “Go on Kaye, do it as well”, but it’s now less than two months before I return to work (scary thought) so I do not have enough time for it to grow back.

After the hairdresser I went to a bike shop trying to get some chamois cream, the only place in South America that I have found that sells it was in Medellin. I caught up with Luis and Antonio (TDA staff) at the bike shop and they were going into the city to bike shops so I went with them on the metro. This was about 1230 pm and it was really packed, it must be dreadful in rush hour.

We went to about 5 bike shops, but no chamois cream. Luis spoke to the guy at a specialized bike store and discovered they don’t have it here, and he suggested the cream that babies use with zinc and caster.

Luis and Antiono were also on the hunt for bike boxes so I left them to it and went in search of a card for Sharita who is leaving as Cristiano returns in Santiago, hopefully bringing Ana with him. We are requested to give the staff gratuities in recognition of what they do for us (in the range of $100 US each staff member). I like to write a note as well.

Well it appears Chile does not have greeting cards – not at book shops, not at toy shops, and not at gift shops where they have paper and ribbons and gift bags of all sizes. In the end I bought a small gift bag and decided to put a paper note inside.

I decided I was not brave enough to attempt the metro without Luis and Antonio, plus I did not want to be crushed so I caught a taxi back to the hotel.

I went to a local restaurant for a quick snack with Brett and had squid rings, and he had really nice ceviche (raw fish).

I managed to catch up skype with Kelly and Lucy (for the few moments she deigned to talk to her Gran).

Tonight was a farewell dinner with Nelson. We went to the Bella Vista Tourist area. We had empanadas and tapas to share, then I had steak and salad.

We went to a bar before dinner, I noted that here they had Jack, Tom AND John Collins.

I had a margarita and Sue had a Sex on the Beach cocktail – thankfully Sue’s tooth is better and she is finally off antibiotics.

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