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Day 123/164: Rest Day Two in Santiago

Three quarters of the way through the ride today!

It was nice to have two rest days, this is the last time we have two rest days on the trip. I spent the morning catching up on emails and the blog, and skyping with my daughter Tracey.

I had lunch with Dan and Shirley who leave this afternoon, I am going to really miss them.

Dan and Shirley have been very generous and have given a lot of their stuff to other riders who have problems with their existing gear or did not bring enough. I have been given an Apidura, which is a bag that you fasten onto the seat stem of your bike, which is replacing my panniers. This bag was designed by a previous TDA rider on the African Tour and is more aerodynamic and does not need the rack on the back.

Adrian (TDA) is delighted to have my panniers, I washed them first – what a color change, and took off the rack ready to give to him tomorrow.

Then as usual it was off to the supermarket, or “supermercado” as it is called here, then sorting and bags and laundry. The beggar dogs have been given a stack of bones, so many they have fallen asleep with most of them, I wish I had my camera with me!

I had dinner across the road: steak, chips (papa fritas) salad and crème.

I was going to give the man with all the dogs on sleeping mats all my change and take a photo, but they were having a night off. Hopefully they have a nice place to stay when not looking for donations.

Two of the riders, Erwin and Swend, were pick pocketed on the subway last night. They both had their wallets removed from inside pockets that had zips, and did not feel a thing! Unfortunately Swend had all his credit cards in his wallet so has spent most of today cancelling cards and trying to arrange replacements.

Two of the riders were ripped off by taxi drivers, one taxi driver said he was given a 1,000 dollar note not 10,000 (exchange is 1 NZ dollar to 465.56 Santiago), and another was charged triple the fare he had quoted, and when the rider refused to pay he drove off with his wallet!

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