Day 126/164: Santa Cruz to La Pesca – 130km

Climbing 675 meters, down 675

Nice sunny morning. You know the big steep uphill I was so pleased not to have to ride up yesterday?! Huh, well today up it we went. My legs do not like to go uphill when they are not warmed up. Most of the climbing was before lunch. We got back to the sea today for the first time since Peru. It’s the Pacific Ocean.

Today was long straight roads with no big climbs so it went quite quickly. I stopped at about 50 kilometres for a drink (still have not mastered being able to take my water bottle out, drink, and put it back in successfully while riding, not helped by the fact I don’t like to drink out of the top bit and I take the whole cap off). When I stopped, two dogs came roaring out off the house barking ferociously. They were fenced in so I wasn’t too worried.

Then one of them, the size of a large German Shepard but he looked like Benji my dog, leapt the fence and charged up to me. “Um hello puppy” I managed to gulp out as he charged up, thankfully when he got to me he was delighted to see me and gave me some big slurpy licks – a bit yuck but better than tearing chunks out of me. The house owner came running out behind him, and she looked relieved to see he was being friendly.

The last 30 kilometres was 15 kilometres in to a strong head wind, then thankfully we changed direction. The last 15 kilometres was pine and eucalyptus trees. It was very warm and great to be by the sea.

La Pesca

La Pesca

There was the option of getting a cabin which was 4,500 Peso, which is about $NZ95, a bit extravagant but it had a great balcony to sit on and enjoy the view. Sue came and had a cup of tea and enjoyed the view, and Ray came and shared a wine.

I also had 3 of the camp dogs more than willing to come and keep me company.

The cabin balcony at La Pesca

The cabin balcony at La Pesca

La Pesca sunset

La Pesca sunset

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