Day 127/164: La Pesca to Chanco – 115km

Climbing 1140, down 1100

I did not want to leave today, I could have happily have stayed in my sea side cabin for a week or more.

The first 30 kilometres of the ride we were following the sea with rolling hills and great views, but very windy. I stopped for coffee, it is very hard to get good coffee here. The custom appears to be instant coffee with water and hot milk.

We had 16 kilometres of dirt road today, some of it very steep – up to 19% gradient with wet slippery stones. I had to get off and walk a couple of times going up and down really steep bits. I miss the two bottom gears I lost when my cassette was changed from 34 to 32.

It may not look it, but this gravel is 19% gradient and wet and slippery

It may not look it, but this gravel is 19% gradient and wet and slippery

We are staying at a National Reserve with lots of Eucalyptus trees. When we got to camp the white board said “Please do not buy alcohol and bring to camp”. Ha! This is like saying please shut the gate after the horse has bolted. Everyone buys any beer or wine they going to drink on the way to camp as no one wants to go back out on a riding day.

It was nice and sunny again, so a good chance to dry out the tents and relax in the sunshine.

Drying out our tents

Drying out our tents

There were hot showers but only 90 seconds of hot water at a time then time delay before it got hot again. Amazing what you can accomplish in 90 seconds.

The food has gone downhill again. It improved with April, and then Mark must have felt some pressure and it was pretty good for awhile.  Tonight dinner was beef stew, which was very liquid and I got two very small pieces of meat with the tasteless liquid runny sauce. One of the new riders took one look at what was on offer for dinner and said “I’ll give it a miss thanks”!

Unfortunately I started a new book which was good, so I ended up finishing it and read till midnight, which will be regretted in the morning.

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One thought on “Day 127/164: La Pesca to Chanco – 115km

  1. Michele

    Kaye I would have been walking up there with you!

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