Day 128/164: Chanco to San Nicolas – 143km

The notes said 1,775 climbing, but it was actually 1,961 meters climbed, and down 1,886.

As predicted I was tired from reading so late and having to get up at 6:40 am. It was colder this morning than the past few days.

As well as doing 143 kilometres we also had climbing and gravel to deal with. So I was not in my happiest frame of mind when we set out. A few of the new riders are starting to get tired, and are developing pressure areas and sore hands etc.

We went along the coast until about 65 kilometres when we turned inland again. It was very windy riding along the coast, and some steep hills.

Following the coastline south (Photo credit: Sue's Facebook page)

Following the coastline south (Photo credit: Jo’s Facebook page)

At 65 kilometres I stopped at a petrol station for a drink before a long 7 kilometre climb to lunch at 72 kilometres. According to the notes 2/3 of climbing should have been done, but the hills went on all afternoon – thankfully they had quite a lot of descent as well.

There was a bit of wind but thankfully the last 30 kilometres was slightly downhill, and not a head wind.

It had been planned that we would be staying at a community center, which I was not looking forward to. It usually means tent city! All the tents squashed together and you can hear every snore, burp, and turn over. At least outside you can get some distance between tents.

Thankfully Cristisno found another place and we stayed one kilometre out of town at a farm, with a great view from the balcony of the surrounding farm land and the mountains in the distance. The farm owner stacked his fridge with beer, water and Coke.

Sue, Jo, Nellie and I decided that tomorrow night, as we would be on a rest day the next day, we would get together and have cocktails.

A few riders struggled with today, and the lunch truck did not get to camp with the last few riders until about 6:30pm. Thankfully it is now light until about 8:30 so people were not having to put their tents up in the dark.

I was really pleased to hear that Cristiano is most likely going to be the tour leader for the NZ section next year 😀

I keep looking out for Shirley and Dan on the daily rides as usually I would see them a couple of times on the ride each day ,and then I remember they have gone home. Hopefully they will do the NZ trip next year.

Distant volcanoes seem to float on the horizon. View from our farm campsite, at San Nicholas (Photo credit: Jo's Facebook page)

Distant volcanoes seem to float on the horizon. View from our farm campsite, at San Nicholas (Photo credit: Jo’s Facebook page)

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One thought on “Day 128/164: Chanco to San Nicolas – 143km

  1. sally

    Hi Kaye…wow what an awesome experience, Your courage blows my mind. I can’t believe that you only have 37 days to go. go girl!

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