Day 131/164: Salto de Jaja to Collipulli – 118km

675 meters climbing and 575 meters down

I could not find my bike riding glasses this morning either! I am really hopeless keeping track of glasses, hopefully I have carefully packed them! So carefully I can’t find them . . . Luckily I bought two pairs a couple of months ago when I lost a pair and broke a pair within the same 24 hours.

It was quite cold, we were riding most of the day until 90 kilometres on a highway like a motor way. Once again heaps of trucks. One of the riders Annagreta mentioned this section is called the Lake District but we have yet to see a lake, and maybe it should be called the truck district instead.

All day it looked like it was going to rain, and it held off until 90 kilometres. Thankfully it was drizzle rather than pouring.

There were numerous ambulances and other service vehicles racing past us most of the day. We found out at lunch a hospital at 120 kilometres was on fire. When we rode past it, it looked like it was an a abandoned hospital thankfully.

There have been a lot of fires around here, stretches of burnt out forest. On the way down to camp, which was a 3 kilometre dirt road, on both sides was burnt out forest. When we got to camp it started pouring and we had to put our tents up in the rain. The campsite looked damp and miserable. If it had been sunny we would have enjoyed being by the river.

One of the riders however made a camp fire, so we all cheered up sitting around it and talked and laughed after dinner rather than saying goodnight and scuttling off to our individual tents straight away.


Rider's meeting around the campfire

Rider’s meeting around the campfire

We have some serious riding on this 6 day stretch, dirt/ gravel over 160 kilometres with over 800 kilometres in total and climbing over 7,000 meters.



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