Day 151/164: Rest day One in El Chalten

I slept reasonably well, but was sore and stiff from carrying and pushing my bike the day before. I also have a number of bruises on my legs from the pedal hitting it while I was pushing the bike.

This town is the tourist destination for the mountains Cerroa Torre 3,133 meters and Fitzroy 3,405 meters.

Everything is horrendously expensive and to add to it the one ATM in town is out of money, and most places will not accept credit cards. The bank was shut, even though hours on the door said it should be open (I found out later that today was part of a four day National holiday).

Luckily the hostel exchanges USD dollars for Argentinean. The hostel no doubt likes the arrangement where the restaurants don’t take cards, and the ATM is out of money, as they get the exchange fee.

I did not do a lot today. Had lunch, dinner, looked around a couple of shops, and napped. I made the mistake of forgetting what Argentinean pizza was like, and went across the road to the pizza place for dinner.  Very uninspiring: tasteless cheese, cold ham, and cold olives, thankfully no grated egg on top.  The hostel also takes care of the laundry so did not have to wander around trying to find somewhere to get it gone.

Very pleased that we have a second rest day tomorrow.

The two mountains make a stunning backdrop to the town.

Nick and Jo in the town (Photo credit: Jo's Facebook page)

Nick and Jo in the town (Photo credit: Jo’s Facebook page)

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