Day 9: Tuesday 22 Nov, Rest day in Napier

It was good to wake up not having to ride, but I was still awake at 6am. I made a cup of tea and spent a couple of hours catching up with the blog and emails.

Next off into town – a 5 minute walk – for breakfast and to do the laundry. Had breakfast at a very nice place called the Emporium Eatery part of the Masonic Hotel, the same place we had a beer last night.


Napier CBD

There is a cruise ship in town, the Emerald Princess, so heaps of tourists. Beautiful weather, lovely blue skies, sunny, and no wind. We went for a walk along the marina then to the chemist for plasters.


Naier CBD

We got back to the motel in time to be picked up at midday for a wine tour. 8 of us went on the tour Walli, Francine (first time I have met her but she has done other TDA rides, comes from Canada), Michele, Tony, Chris, Linda, and Brett, and the driver/owner was called Vince. The company was called Vince’s World of Wine Tours.


Vince of Vince’s World of Wine

First off we went to Moana Park, then Trinity Hill, then to Te Awa where we were to have lunch as well as a wine tasting. Unfortunately Vince had not picked up that we would eat a lot and we cleared the food in a moment. Luckily we could order what ever we liked at our own cost, which we happily did.


Happy about all the wine! At Moana Park


Wine tasting! 


Wine tasting at Trinity Hill (photo credit: Michele’s Facebook)

Then to Vidal’s Vineyard, then a drive around the port, and back to our motel.


Vidal’s Vineyard

Next step was to pack away laundry and get my bag ready as we are off again tomorrow for another tour day of cycling. Tomorrow we are going to Porangahau which I have never heard of, but is on the coast about 50km from Waipukurau.

As we had a late lunch I was not that hungry at dinner. I went back to the Emporium Eatery and had a pizza and a beer with Michele, Tony, and Brett.



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One thought on “Day 9: Tuesday 22 Nov, Rest day in Napier

  1. Suzanne Hudson

    Sounds like a fantastic day. I must say, the dress you are wearing in the pics is fabulous – the colour and style really suit you. Its very good to see you looking so well and in your element! I also get the feeling you are stepping out (or cycling) into a whole new phase of your life. So very proud of you. Xxx

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