The blog resumes!

Writing this I am at Wellington airport on Tuesday afternoon, through security, and relaxing with a book and a glass of wine.

My bag plus bike was over the weight limit by 4kg but Qantas didn’t seem to have an issue 😀. They just printed the labels and smiled.  I smiled too as there was nothing I could leave behind.

I have travelled twice on these biking trips with the same weight restriction and once had to pay excess baggage. This time I was wondering why I was over the weight limit, as I am staying in all hotels so I am minus the weight of the tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat –  until I remembered that the last two trips I boarded with a carry on backpack well over weight, having to concentrate on not falling backwards and hoping they would not weigh it – whereas this time I just have a small string bag.

It has been a crazy busy last few days trying to get on top of work, so I have not done a lot of training – never mind plenty of training coming up!

I am boarding in 30 minutes, the first leg is three and half hours to Melbourne, a two and half hour wait, then I board for a 14 hour flight to Dubai.

Then I have to get to another terminal to find an airline called Fly Dubai. I have nearly four hours before boarding, and then a final 6 hour flight to Bosnia.  Thankfully my bag and bike are checked through to Bosnia, so I don’t have to worry about them in Dubai.

Let the horror of long haul travel in cattle class begin.

Thanks in advance to my daughter Kelly blog editor extraordinaire (Editor’s note: My work has already begun, turning what was a wall of text with few full stops, terrible sentence structure, and multiple auto-corrects into something slightly readable!)

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7 thoughts on “The blog resumes!

  1. Yay new trip! Thanks Kaye and Kelly – I need to live through somebody’s adventures right now.

  2. Cheers from Spider Kline.

    Hi Kaye, have a great trip, you will be fine. Your strong mind and never say die attitude will get you there. Say hello to Brett for me, wish I was there with you both.

  3. Fiona

    Have an awesome trip – i am loving the new adventure already!

  4. Kerry Priest

    Yay! looking forward to the updates. Thank you for sharing Kaye and Kelly – these blog posts make my day haha.

  5. Suzanne Hudson

    Have a fabulous adventure! Cant wait to read your blog. Stay safe. Lots of love to you. If there is a doctor from Cambridge on your tour then he is my client Ken Bax’s GP. Hes just gone off on a bicycling adventure also. Lobe Suz

  6. Theresa Souness

    Ka Kite Kaye,
    Stay safe and have fun times- look forward to the great stories brightening my southern winter days! Thanks Kelly for your work- may you stay one step ahead of the biker!!
    Cheers and Hugs

  7. Wendy

    Again? I have only just remembered to sort out that dinner….have loads of fun Kaye, looking forward to reading about your escapes. Will sort out dinner for when you get back (promise). Take care, stay safe, see you when you get back.

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