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Day 10: Trieste to Maniago

EDITOR: Unfortunately I only seem to have received Kaye’s outline notes for this day of riding. I have asked her if she has another version, so will leave this as a placeholder, and then will post a new one if I get one – otherwise, enjoy the notes, exactly as I received them 😀

123 k 800 meters up and 800 down
This is the start of another four day section and this was the easiest of the four days.

Riders and notes

We started at 8 am with a convoy which was meant to be for 4 k
First 18 k along the coast then last view of the Adriatic Sea ( the top of the Mediterranean) and we turned in land next time we see the sea we will be in the Netherlands

Biggest bell tower
Man trimming hedge at lunch stop town with walls
Palmanova town built by the military shaped like a star have to hold through stone gates in wall to get in or out there are only 3 exit and entry points
Where Trans Europa intersects the oydessy
Market in square

Cool breeze most of morning then replaced by beating sun 35 degrees C felt hotter

Long straights interesting small towns

All deserted and shops shut
Bit by bug at round about

Last twenty k went on and on
Lost bag

Dinner not till 8 pm.
Hotel had nice big bath
Intended to have a quick nap slept for two hours
More tired than expected as not much climbing but 8 hours in the sun and no down all day so enough no significant climbing constant peddling all day
Tomato pasta
Grilled pork and potatoe
Vanilla ice cream
Sparkling water

Tom and Miriam


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