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An unexpected souvenir from the trip

Remember on Day 3 of the trip, how Kaye fell and hurt her arm?

And then the next day she got it checked by the ED doctors on the tour (rather than going to a hospital) and the consensus was “there is no break at the wrist, and possibly a small crack in the radial head (which wouldn’t be plastered anyway) and badly sprained. Approx time to come right is about 10 days. Riding won’t make it any worse, and whether I can ride will depend how sore it is”.

And then over the course of the tour she complained about:

  • How getting on/off her bike was difficult, the pain was a 4/10 (Day 5)
  • How hard it was to open her water bottle, and how she kept losing bottle tops because she wasn’t doing them up tight enough (Day 7)
  • How her arm was sore, due to all the downhill braking the day before (Day 14)
  • How sore her arm was, because she stopped taking the anti-inflammatory pills (Day 15)
  • How she kept jarring her sore arm on the rocky bike path (Day 20)
  • How she almost fell off my bike, and gave her arm a huge jolt (Day 22)
  • How much it hurt every time she lifted anything with her right hand (not documented, but apparently this happened a LOT).

Well, when she got home and it was still really sore, she finally went and got an X-ray. And  . . .


Turns out she does have a cracked radial head, which doesn’t need plaster – but she also fractured her wrist, which does need to be in plaster. So no lifting with this arm for awhile! – And no biking!!!!



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