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Day 6: Rest day in Edinburgh

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel with Mike and Katrina who did the South America ride in 2015, from Columbia to Santiago. They lived in Edinburgh but have just sold their house and are on their way to Brighton for three months. Mike is going to write a fiction novel based around their travels. Mike developed an IT company and it was bought out for a huge amount of money in 2002. Since then he and Katrina have been pretty much retired and going around the world, plus living in their Scottish mansion (just sold). Mike has done some consultancy work to assist other IT companies to get going.



Left to Right: Me, Katrina, Dan, Shirley, Brett, Laura, Gregg, Henry at back, Mike,


After breakfast – the laundry! Awhile since I have had to do this. The one by the hotel was closed today as it is Sunday but we found one 3 miles away. Clearly out of practice as I forgot the iPad and was reduced to reading magazines! Can’t believe the rubbish in them. In one, some poor person was getting a hard time because she had not lost her baby fat, then on the next page a woman was being slammed because she had lost it too quickly.

After the laundry we at lunch at pub that people in Edinburgh call The Wee Pub. I had fish and chips, it was an enormous piece of battered cod.

Then off to look around the city. First off up in Edinburgh castle, which is pretty big and surrounded by a moat – no longer full of water. We went to where they kept the prisons which has a mock up prison, pretty stark conditions. Was unsettled to hear that they kept prisoners as young as 6!



Coming up to the castle, setting up grandstands for Military Tattoo




Scottish War Memorial inside Edinburgh Castle


Then we walked along the royal mile and golden mile watching the street performers. A couple of Harry Potter film characters, one suspended above the ground, I know there is a trick to it but not sure how they do it.



Leaving the Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile



Street entertainers Royal Mile



We also had a look at a couple of shops. I bought a couple of small presents for my grandchildren. Lots of beggars around, it’s pretty cold so most of them are sitting wrapped in blankets or sleeping bags. We went as far as the Palace but didn’t go in, my sight seeing attention span was on the decline by this stage.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a pub called The Last Drop for a pint, and listened to a group of buskers – 2 playing a violin, one playing a guitar and one singing – they were all pretty good.





We went past the Elephant House Cafe where J.K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series, but it was way to crowded to do anything apart from quickly pop inside and look around.



Elephant House Cafe birthplace of Harry Potter


We had dinner with Michele and Tony up the road from the hotel. I have been buying beer based on its name, some have been pretty good and some have been not so good. I got a beer called Nanny State but it was not so nice. Turns out it was 0.5% alcohol!

Back to the hotel getting sorted for another day’s riding tomorrow. Biggish day with lots of climbing.


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