Day 10: Whitby to York – 83km

83 k 900 meters climbed

I woke feeling a bit stiff from yesterday, and my legs were feeling quite leaden. I was feeling very daunted by the thought of this morning’s climb, especially the 20% climb that goes on for 1.2km.

Once again it’s quite cold, but not as chilly as the day before. We had about 5 km that was not too steep to warm up on, then we were into the 20%. I walked! Brett waited for me at the top, and when I came up to him he was looking worried and said “only one climb left to go, but . . .” and pointed over the road where there was a sign saying 33%. Thankfully at that stage he couldn’t help smirking and I realised he was joking and we turned left.

Brett hasn’t walked yet. I did suggest this morning if he gets cold waiting for me at the top of the steep climbs, he is most welcome to jog down and get my bike.


Steeeep climbs out of Whitby back up onto the Yorkshire Moors.

The next 15 km had some big descents and some climbs but you could get up most of each one by racing down the hill. There was one more nasty climb, but then pretty much down hill the rest of the way.

We stopped at a pretty little town at a place called Lavenders Tearoom and had a cup of tea, most of the rest of the group also stopped there. Everyone was much more relaxed and happier than yesterday – it’s warmer, the day’s ride is shorter, and the climbing was behind us.


The traffic through York was pretty busy but we found our way ok, and got to the hotel  -Best Western Pavillion – about 1:30pm. We were fortunate that the room was ready.

After a shower we caught up with Michele and Tony and had a cold beer outside in the garden. The hotel is quite old and has boutique weddings (up to 60) and they were getting organised for two the next day.


Gin at the Whitby Way pub (Editor: photo actually goes with yesterday’s blog post, oops)

The hotel room is very small, and to get WIFI you have to hold the phone up by the window, and even then it is very slow.

We were having dinner with Brett’s step daughter Sandra and her wife Hillary who live in York. The hotel is about 8 km out of town so we caught a bus into town. We were a bit early so we walked along the river, lots of people out making the most of the sun. There were a number of geese with goslings wandering around or dozing in the sun. I watched one lot tumbling down the steps behind their mum into the water.

We met Sandra and Hillary at the pub called The Maltings which is near where they live, and then went to the Rattle Owl for dinner. Sandra is an author who has won a number of prizes and Hilary is an It engineer /analyst. They both seem very nice. For dinner I had tuna carpaccio, Cod, and lemon meringue pie. The lemon meringue pie was interesting, it had a white chocolate shell with the lemon inside, with a biscuit base and meringue on top. It was delicious.

At the Rattle Owl – Sandra and Hillary

After dinner the restaurant owner Emily took us downstairs, and showed us the basement where Roman remains, stones, and a skeleton were found when they dug out what had been a closed off basement. It’s quite cool and musty smelling.

Hillary makes cheese, and has won some awards. She mentioned it would be a great place to store cheese. Hillary makes the cheese at home in her kitchen and lives in an old railway house which is long and thin and has no storage. Emily said she would be welcome to store it in the restaurant basement, and the conversation turned to the possibility that Hillary could potentially make cheese for the restaurant.

The restaurant is just around the corner from where they live, so Hillary and Sandra walked us to the taxi stand and we caught a taxi back to the hotel.

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One thought on “Day 10: Whitby to York – 83km

  1. Sallu

    Hi Kaye I see the theme of past tides is carrying though – cups of tea! Seems that this is very satisfactory this trip. Great job you and Kelly do on writing these and sharing them. They are awesome

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