Cheese details

More details on the amazing cheeses that Hillary provided us:


Listed in order from bottom of plate furthest from the window:
Ribblesdale smoked goats cheese (comes in a brown waxy skin)
The following are all cows milk cheeses:

Traditional Wensleydale PDO (from the Hawes creamery in Wensleydale) Sweet, milky and crumbly
Belton Red Fox Traditional red Leicester (russet/orange colour, hard cheese, slightly crunchy)
Dale End Unpasterised cheddar (rich, subtle, mature cheddar)
Shepherd’s Purse Harrogate Blue   (similar to a Shropshire Blue –  but they’re not allowed to say that – soft, creamy stilton-like)
Cropwell Bishop Stilton PDO – traditional blue stilton (from the stilton triangle – Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Leicestershire)
Peakland Blue Stilton – slightly more mature stilton
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