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Day 13: Grimsby to Boston – 76km

Relaxing ride today only, 76 km and very little climbing. The weather was nice and warm and we had a leisurely breakfast before setting off. I think for a first we were the last riders to leave.

Before we went, we took a photo of a statue of a fisherman and his net which is outside of the hotel, this is memorial to all the fishermen who have died at sea.


Memorial to Grimsby fishermen lost at sea.

We caught up with a group of riders at about 20 km, and I rode with one of them called Rhonda for awhile. Rhonda is from USA and this is her first TDA ride. Rhonda is a vet, as part of her practice she is the vet at a Zoo.


Grain mill coming out of Grimsby.

The countryside was very green and pretty. This part of the country is called the Wolds. Wolds refer to a range of hills which consist of open country, overlaying a base of limestone or chalk.

Lincolnshire Wolds, great riding.

We were on lots of different country roads, most of them were very quiet, however one was as busy as a highway. We discovered all the cars were heading to an open day at Revesby Estate.

Revesby was originally a monastery in 1143. In 1714 it was bought by the first of 4 Joseph Banks. The 4th Joseph Banks, who became a Sir, helped fund Captains Cook’s expeditions around the globe. As well as this he joined one expedition as the ships botanist and bought home hundreds of plants, many he planted around the estate.

As well as this he bought kangaroos to the estate, and the part where he live is still referred to Kangaroo Park. However there are only numerous deer here now.


Revesby Estate belonged to Joseph Banks. Herd of deer on the grounds.


Lunch was at 68 km, only 8 km before the end of the ride.


Arriving in Boston

We got to Boston just after one and the rooms were not yet ready, so we sat outside relaxing in the sun. An elderly gentleman chatted to us with his friendly little dog called Tommy, who was quite happy to sit on my knee. It turned out his son owned the pub and another 14 pubs.


My new friend Tommy

We were staying at the White Hart Inn, one of the four most popular names for pubs so far on this trip. The others are White Swan, Black Swan and The Fox (and mixture of rabbit or hound).


White Hart Hotel, Boston

The hotel has an interesting reception desk made out of old suitcases with a top. There are no lifts at the hotel, and the stairs are uneven and the floor is also uneven, but luckily only up 2 flights of stairs. The bikes are sleeping in a second bar area upstairs.


Hotel White Hart Reception

Reading Stuff this morning it reported there had been a 3.6 earthquake last night centered in Grimsby, but none of the riders felt a thing.

Dinner was at the hotel and speedy. Tomato soup and bread roll, then Salmon (overdone for my taste), with boiled potatoes with a cheese sauce on them, and fresh vegetables to share.

Tomorrow we have 114 km to ride to Cambridge, plus we want to look around Cambridge so have to cycle from where we are staying on the outskirts into Cambridge and back to have a look. Want to get away early as want to have a good look around.

Very British


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