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Day 14: Boston to Cambridge – 117km

117 km to ride today, with not much climbing – expecting about 350 metres up in total.

Today was sunny which I think is a first in the morning on this trip.

We were all having breakfast in a separate dining room from the other guests, and to get tea or coffee you had to wait until the wait person comes to your table. Or at least that is what you were meant to do. Individual behavior is always interesting (at times bloody frustrating).

We were the 4th and 5th people into the restaurant and by the time we left we hadn’t had a hot drink, and some riders were on their second. One of the riders was told by the restaurant staff at least 5 times to go away as she kept going up to ask where her coffee was. Of course bad behaviour is rewarded, and she was on her second cup by the time we left. This one particular rider we have nicknamed Wasp the 2nd, she constantly pushes in to waiting lines for everything (The first “wasp” was on the NZ ride).

The first time I came across her was when I didn’t even know she was another rider, she pushed in front of us when we were about to get on the Hop on Hop off bus in Dublin. Wasp 2’s other trick is on convoys, she takes shortcuts across grass or riding on the pavement, and then darting in front of you, all the while wearing a “Share the road” riding top. I try not to be behind her as she rides in front of cars at roundabouts, weaves across lines with hand signals but no notice. Coming into Edinburgh she was nearly taken out by a bus.

Thankfully I had had a cup of tea in the room before coming down to breakfast, so set off without another. Nice to set off in the sunshine. The roads are flat and we were riding through windy country roads.


(Photo credit: Michele’s Facebook)


We had one problem at 20 km when the road we needed to turn into couldn’t be found, but we used the GPS and carried on and picked up the route 3 km down the road. We made really good time and about 5 km before the lunch spot, the lunch truck came past. Knowing we would end up waiting in a paddock while they set up, we stopped for a cup of tea in the town just before.



Coming into Cambridge I was interested to see a number of the red phone boxes had instead become book exchanges, a novel idea (Editor: pun intended??! hehe). I should have stopped but didn’t when I saw the “vision testing for animals” sign. I amused myself for the next few km with images of animals responding to a vision chart.

We got into Cambridge about 1:30 pm and instead of going to the hotel we carried on straight into town.

We had a ride around looking at the beautiful buildings.


Cambridge University comprises of 31 different colleges. We went to Kings College and Kings College Chapel. 16 century Kings College Chapel is one of the most extraordinary examples of European gothic architecture. 80 metre long fan vaulted ceiling is one of the worlds largest.



Me and Tony with our “PhD”


There were a number of people punting (long canoe type boats) on the river. From the river you can see a number of the colleges and some lovely gardens.


Then went to the Eagle Bar and had a cold beer and some pub snacks with Tony and Michele, joined by Shirley and Dan, Becky and Bruce, and Hanns and Catherine from Canada, who have done a number of TDA rides but this is the first I have done with them.



Off for a refreshing Ale at the Eagle Pub



Bruce and Becky (on the left), and Hanns and Catherine at the Eagle Bar

In 1953 the discovery of the double helix twister ladder structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) by Nobel prize winning scientists James Watson and Francis Crick was a milestone in the history of science and gave rise to modern molecular biology – and it was announced in the Eagle Bar. In the attic bar of the Eagle Bar on the ceiling are signatures of World War Two pilots.


We are staying at a Hotel called Rectory Farm about 5 km out of the centre of Cambridge. Dinner was not at the hotel, it was a 10 minute walk to a restaurant called The Plough. The food was good and reasonably fast, we were fed two course within 90 minutes which is pretty reasonable for a big group. I had bread and dips, and a burger.



Cambridge (Photo Credit: Michele’s Facebook)


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