Day 16: First rest day in London

The hotel breakfast restaurant is what I imagine a large cruise ship would be like. It was crowded, lines of people jostling their way through the buffet, and trying find a table. We had continental breakfast, not cooked. The past few days a few riders have been complaining “not another full English breakfast” – of course those same riders complained today that they are not getting one. The counter to make tea and coffee was placed by the only exit, and once you had made a hot drink you had to push your way back through the line of people who were trying to get out.

After breakfast we set off to the laundry which was only a couple of minutes from the hotel. This time I remembered to take the iPad with me. Back to the hotel to put away the washing and catch up on a few emails. Spoke to Shellbe to sort out the plan re catching up with her tonight. Then off to look around London to see some things I didn’t get a chance to see last time.

We walked up to 221B Baker Street where the fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Watson reportedly lived from 1891 to 1910. In 1891 to 1910 the Baker Street numbers did not go up to 221, but the Street has since been extended. The Abby National Building Society originally occupied these premises and for many years employed a full time secretary to reply to letters addressed to Sherlock.



IMG_5118.jpgThe place was well set out, 3 stories of furniture from the time in keeping with what was described in the books.


IMG_5100After this we went to the corner pub and had a toasted cheese and carmalised onion sandwich which was delicious and a cold beer. Initially I had got caught out by cask beer which is not cold enough for my NZ taste, so am now taking that into account, not just interesting names when ordering.


Hudson’s Restaurant at 241 Baker Street

We walked back to the hotel and got back about 4:30 which was only about 30 minutes before we had to leave again to get to West End. We met Michele and Tony at a pub restaurant called The a Beer and Staff, and I had a delicious mushroom, ale and beef pie. The meat was really tender and tasty, but the pastry was a bit tough for my liking, like it had been in the oven for too long. However I remember my daughter Shellbe telling me last year that this is how they like it over here.

We then set off to the Adelphi Theatre and met Shellbe, and went to see the show Kinky Boots. It was fantastic one of the best shows I have seen. At the end the audience got up and gave a standing ovation.


Then we walked with Shellbe towards the tube, and then went back to the hotel. Lots of people out partying – even though it was Wednesday, it was busy like a Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Day 16: First rest day in London

  1. Liz

    Sounds like fun! Safe travels and hope the weather stays fine for your

  2. Carol Thomas

    Looking good Kaye Hudson what amazing things you are seeing. Love to you both

    • kayehudson50

      Hi Carol yes am seeing some great sights feel very privileged . Hi to you and a Pat

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